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Be late for reservations time

Even if you contact us in advance, you may wait, or there are times when parking lots are limited depending on the time.
Be sure to visit on time. It is ok to come early.

Cancellations without notice

Customers canceled without prior notice will be unable to accept future reservations, so please understand.
If canceled without prior notice, there will be a cancellation fee.

About reservations

Strawberry Picking is reservation-only. (You can not enter without reservation)
Strawberries are natural, so there is a limit to the number of customers who can pick strawberries a day.
We also consider reservation management so that everyone can feel comfortable.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

About waiting List

We do not put you on the waiting list, and we do not contact you If someone cancels.

About bringing in condensed milk

You can bring in condensed milk.
We don't hand condensed milk over to you, because we want you to taste the original sweetness and flavor of strawberries.
Also, it is not sold.
* There is no supermarket nearby, so if you need it, please buy it in advance and come.

When there are more toddler and baby than adults

If the number of small children (TODDLER: 1-3 years old, BABY: 0 years old) is larger than the number of adults, reservations cannot be accepted.
Strawberries grown in GrandBerry (cultivar: AKIHIME) are very soft and bruise easily.
If a small child runs around or touches the hanging strawberries too much, the strawberries may be bruised.
Therefore, if there are small children, we ask that one child (TODDLER: 1-3 years old, BABY: 0 years old) be accompanied by at least one their parent or guardian.
Thank you for your understanding.

For groups of over 10 people

Reservations cannot be accepted for groups of over 10 people.
Strawberries grown in GrandBerry (cultivar: AKIHIME) are very soft and bruise easily.
If it is crowded with much customers, the body will touch the strawberry while walking the aisle, and the strawberry may be bruised.
Therefore, we are adjusting the number of people so that customers can relax and enjoy strawberry picking.
Also, the strawberry picking facilities are not large enough to accommodate many groups and are limited to individual customers only.
Thank you for your understanding.

When you can not receive emails from GrandBerry

We send the following two emails to customers who inquire.
【Customer copy email (automatic reply)】
② Within 24 hours after confirmation at our garden 【Answer email】

The following reasons can be considered as reasons why mail from GrandBerry cannot be received.

【When using a computer】

(1)The email address you entered is incorrect.
It seems that the "ne" and "co" of domain are often entered incorrectly.
XXXXX@yahoo.co.jp (correct) XXXXX@yahoo.ne.jp (incorrect)
"co" is incorrectly entered as "ne".

(2)It was in your spam folder or trash.
If you use free mail (Yahoo! Yahoo !, Hotmail (MSN), Gmail (google)), etc., or if your security software, mail software or provider has a spam mail prevention function, it might have been in your spam folder or trash, or deleted.
Please check the "Spam" or "Trash" folder, the manufacturer of security software, or provider, and then set grandberry.net as a receivable domain.
Also, please make settings to exclude GrandBerry emails from spam.

(3)The capacity of your mail box or server exceeds the upper limit.
Please check your email environment, and increase the mailbox capacity, or delete unnecessary data.

(4)Receiving mail is being delayed, because the provider's network is unstable.
Please check your received emai after a while, or contact your provider.

【When using a mobile(cell) phone】

Even if you have not set the spam rejection function, it may be setting as initial settings so that you will not receive mail from other than mobile phone.
Please check the receiving settings of your device, and then set grandberry.net as a receivable domain.
For details on how to set, refer to the user's manual of your mobile phone.
If you have any questions, please contact your mobile phone company.

About receive settings of specified domain

If you want to use your mobile mail address as the reply email address
If you have set the receiving settings for the specified domain in order to prevent spam mail, or if you keep the initial settings on your mobile phone, you will not be able to receive reply emails from GrandBerry.
If you can't receive a reply email from GrandBerry, you won't be able to complete your reservation, so be sure to add grandberry.net to your settings of specific domain.
If you do not receive a reply email after several days, please contact us for possible troubles.

【How to setting】
Customers who have set for mobile phones the receiving settings of the specified domain should register "grandberry.net" as the "domain you want to receive".
Please check the homepage of each mobile phone company for how to register.

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