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GrandBerry is very rare in Osaka which is a city, reduces the amount of pesticide and chemical fertilizer used as much as possible, and produces strawberries in a time-consuming manner for making soil and cultivating. We also offer to our customers by strawberry hunting and direct sales. We are working hard every day to make customers happy even more. "The more you adhere to the taste and safety, the less production is extremely low, the period is limited ... etc." But even if you want to introduce such a worthy strawberry to our customers, we will launch this website It was. "Convenience of the field" has priority, specialty site does not come with product lineup, it can not set only the item that the customer wants. However, I am confident in the quality of each article. And I think that you can feel "season" above all. Delicious strawberry production of Grand Berry will continue forever. Someday we will work to become "GrandBerry" indispensable for our customers.

If you enjoy strawberry picking in Osaka

If you do strawberry picking, please come to [GrandBerry] in Yao City, Osaka. It is convenient strawberry farm which access is 30 minutes by car from Osaka city, and train is a 10 minute walk from the nearest station. The strawberry cultivated in this farm is a variety called "chapter princess", it is fresh and sour and has a refreshing taste which is a characteristic strawberry. Pickled strawberries can be eaten without washing and can be eaten strawberry hunting while standing is possible. We also sell strawberries that are perfect for souvenirs, so please use by all means.


会社名 GrandBerry株式会社
本社所在地 〒581-0882大阪府八尾市恩智北町1-255
代表者 代表取締役 森川泰典
設立 2021(令和3)年7月1日
決算期 9月
資本金 5百万円(2021年7月1日現在)
事業内容 ・いちごの生産・販売
経営規模 ハウスいちご25a、いちご育苗用ハウス0.8a
取引銀行 ・関西みらい銀行 高安支店
・楽天銀行 第四営業支店
主要取引先 ・株式会社リクルート


2003(平成15)年4月 ●現代表取締役が実家の父親(現取締役)が経営する農業(45a)に加わる。
2003(平成15)年7月 ●試験的に少量のトマト(0.1a)とナス(0.1a)の苗を定植。
2003(平成15)年9月 ●ハウスの入り口でトマトとナスビの直売開始
2003(平成15)年11月 ●自店の直売所「とれたておいしい新鮮野菜のお店 GrandBerry」を開店
2003(平成15)年12月 ●大根の掘り取り体験を実施
2004(平成16)年1月 ●イチゴの直売を開始
2004(平成16)年2月 ●八尾市の市政だよりに当園のイチゴ摘み取り体験を掲載してもらう
2004(平成16)年2月 ●当園での八尾市主催のイチゴ摘み取り体験を実施
2004(平成16)年4月 ●高設イチゴ狩り専用ハウスを新設
2004(平成16)年5月 ●イチゴ狩り専用ハウスで枝豆を栽培(7a)
2004(平成16)年9月 ●本格的にイチゴ栽培を開始(15a)
2004(平成16)年12月 ●イチゴの化粧箱入りを初めて販売
2005(平成17)年1月 ●イチゴ狩り専用ハウスで初めてイチゴ狩りを開始
2005(平成17)年3月 ●初めて雑誌「春ぴあ」のイチゴ狩りに掲載してもらう
2005(平成17)年6月 ●トマトの本格的直売開始
2007(平成19)年9月 ●トマト栽培を止めて、イチゴ栽培で経営を1本化する(25a)
●自店の直売所を「とれたておいしい新鮮いちごのお店 GrandBerry」へ改名
2008(平成20)年4月 ●イチゴ狩りで読売テレビの取材を受ける
2008(平成20)年9月 ●イチゴ栽培でNHKの取材を受ける
2010(平成22)年6月 ●八尾市内の中学校の職業体験の受け入れを開始
2011(平成23)年1月 ●イチゴ狩りでJ-COMテレビの取材を受ける
2012(平成24)年1月 ●イチゴ狩りでJ-COMテレビの取材を受ける
2013(平成25)年3月 ●香港の雑誌編集部の取材(日本のKANSAIウォーカーの様な雑誌)
2021(令和3)年7月 GrandBerry株式会社を設立


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If you enjoy strawberry picking in Kansai Area

Because fruits are rich vitamin-containing foods, there are many people think that they want to intake as much as possible. It is also ideal for small children's snacks and you can eat without worrying about calories while on a diet too. If you are looking for delicious fruits, why do not you eat freshly picked fruits. In fruit picking, unlike fruits sold in supermarkets etc, you can eat fresh it.

You can enjoy strawberry picking at the Grand Berry in Yao City, Osaka Prefecture. It is easy to access by car from Osaka city, and it is located 10 minutes on foot from the nearest station. It can be said that it is the strawberry farm which is the most accessible in Osaka.
Strawberries are particularly sweet among fruits, and it is liked by a wide range of generations from children to adults. There are some farms that can enjoy strawberry hunting in Kansai, but in Grand Berry, you can enjoy strawberry picking standing up.

Because strawberries are normally cultivated in low places near the ground, some people who use wheelchairs, elderly people, some who are using baby's buggy, give up strawberry picking. However, if it is "elevated cultivation" that cultivating strawberry at a height of 1 meter from the ground, you can enjoy strawberry picking without difficulty. In GrandBerry, it is being used "elevated cultivation", so it is popular among many people.

Strawberries being cultivated in GrandBerry are sweet and fresh, cultivar called "AKIHIME" with less sour. We are sticking to taste and safety, cultivating it with a lot of time and effort, so We are confident in the quality of strawberries. For that reason, you can eat strawberries picked without washing. Not only strawberry picking but also direct sales of strawberries that are perfect for souvenirs.

You can enjoy strawberry picking in a temperature-controlled vinyl house, so you do not have to worry about the weather. We want as many people as possible to eat strawberries of GrandBerry. People who live in Kansai and those who are thinking about making memories of trips to Kansai, please feel free to use GrandBerry.

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