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Strawberry Picking Fee

※ 30 minutes All you can eat prices
※ If you make a reservation from "Jalan net", you will get a great coupon.


Ages 7 or over


Tax Included


Ages 4-6


Tax Included


Ages 1-3


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Under age 1


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Features of the Strawberry Picking

The elevated cultivation

GrandBerry's strawberries are grown with "elevated cultivation" that you can enjoy strawberry picking without sitting down or bending down. (Strawberries are grown at a height of 1 m from the ground) You can enjoy strawberry picking cleanly because you are standing up. In addition, people with wheelchairs or using baby carriage, and elderly people can also enjoy strawberry picking without difficulty.

We do not serve or sell condensed milk

In GrandBerry, there is no condensed milk service. Try to taste the original sweetness and flavor of strawberries. Strawberries are sweet enough even without condensed milk! Children who could not eat strawberries without condensed milk, are satisfied with the sweetness of our strawberries.
※ You can bring condensed milk in.(There is no supermarket in the neighborhood, so if you need, please buy it in advance.)

The place for Strawberry Picking

As the place is barrier-free, customers who use wheelchairs or baby carriage with a width of 75 cm or less can enjoy strawberry picking safely. Also, the place is in the greenhouse where heating works even in cold winter! You can enjoy comfortably even on snowing days, rainy days, or windy days♪
※ Temperature inside the greenhouse is computer controlled as it is suitable for strawberries, so please prepare clothing that can be adjusted in temperature.

Change to special slippers at the entrance

・To keep the place to eat strawberries clean and hygienic, please change your shoes to special slippers at the entrance.
・The floor in the greenhouse is covered with sheets, there is no worry of muddy even if it rains.

Clean, high-bench rock wool cultivation

・Since sunlight hits strawberries evenly from the top and bottom, left and right, strawberries are well colored and ripe.
・Strawberries are hung and grown, so hygienic and ripe strawberries are grown.
・Strawberries are at the height of the children's eyes, so they can enjoy and experience strawberry picking very well.

Cautions of the Strawberry Picking

In the greenhouse, bees are released for pollination of strawberries.

Please never touch bees, beehives, or other facilities.
※ Please note that we do not take any responsibility or liability for any damage or loss caused through our service.

Reservation-only (Reservation required in advance)

You can not enter without reservation.

Picked strawberries are not for takeaway.

You can buy strawberries at our direct store.

There is no Restroom.

Please go to the Restroom in advance.

Please put your baggage other than valuables in the basket at the reception.

You can not bring all bags / baggage while strawberry picking.

Small children must be accompanied by parents or guardians.

One adult per toddler / baby is required to accompany.

Pick up ripe strawberries in red enough.

Please do not pick strawberry flowers or still white strawberries.

You can not go out with picked strawberries.

Strawberry picking is not for takeaway, it is "all you can eat".

Please do not run in the greenhouse.

Running around will damage the hanging strawberries.

Number of parking spaces is limited.

Please come by train as much as possible.

For any damage or loss caused through our service

Please note that we do not take any responsibility or liability for any damage or loss caused through our service in our greenhouse.

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