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Notes – Please read before reserve Strawberry Picking

Apply for strawberry picking from the "Reservation from Jalan net" banner below.
Please also check [Frequently Asked Questions] along with the following notes.

Strawberry Picking is reservation-only. (You can not enter without reservation) Learn more
We do not accept reservations by phone or e-mail.
Even if reservations are not possible, additional reservations may be accepted depending on the growth of strawberries.
The reservation status will be updated the day before or from 7:00 to 8:00 in the morning of the day.

Reservation Time of Strawberry Picking


We accept reservations in the above 5 types of time frames.
The time to pick strawberries is 30 minutes.

We recommend the earliest possible time.
 ①The later the time, strawberries are eaten and decrease.
 ②The inside of a greenhouse gets hot as the temperature rises.
Even if you come to our garden at the last 2pm, we are adjusting the reservation so that the strawberries won't lose.

For reservation

If children are included, please enter the age of each child in the answers to the questions at the time of booking.
Reservations cannot be accepted for groups of over 10 people.
If you have toddlers or babies, please bring at least one guardian for each child.
If the number of small children (TODDLER: 1-3 years old, BABY: 0 years old) is larger than the number of adults, reservations cannot be accepted.
As the parking lot is limited, we will limit the number of cars per group to two. Please enter the number of cars in the answer to the question at the time of booking.

For reservations on the day before or on the day

If you make a reservation the day before or on the day, you cannot change or cancel it. (We cannot deal with it)
Due to the nature of handling food and plants, 100% cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations the day before or on the day of the event for any reason.

About change and cancellation of number of people and date and time

Once reserved, the number of people and the date and time cannot be changed due to the specifications of the Jalan Net system.
If you want to change it, please cancel your reservation from Jalan net and make a reservation again. (We cannot deal with it)
Please note that coupons and points have an expiration date.

About the decrease in the number of people on the day

Even if the number of people on the day decreases, the number of people at the time of booking cannot be changed. Please note that admission fees and coupons / points cannot be refunded. (We cannot deal with it)
The decrease in the number of people on the day will be 100% cancellation fee under the Jalan Net contract.
Please make a reservation after the number of people is decided.

When canceling from us

Due to the growing conditions of strawberries and the weather, we may cancel the reservation after the reservation is made. Please note that we will contact you as soon as possible after the cancellation is decided. (No cancellation fee will be charged.)

About other precautions

There is no service or sale such as condensed milk. (It's sweet without condensed milk, but you can bring it in.)
There is no toilet, so please do it in advance at a convenience store before you come.
We do not accept reservations for infants or children only.
If you come on the wrong date, you will not be able to enter the greenhouse.
30 minutes all-you-can-eat (picked strawberries cannot be taken out)
Bees are flying in the greenhouse to pollinate strawberries.
Pets are not allowed in the greenhouse.
Please refrain from bringing in large bags.
Please refrain from taking strawberries out of the greenhouse.
We are not responsible for any injuries, accidents, thefts, etc. in the greenhouse.

About covid19 measures

Please wear a mask when you come to the greenhouse. (Please wear a mask except when eating strawberries)
All staff wear masks and face guards.
We limit the number of people to avoid congestion. (Please do not be late for the meeting time)
We may restrict admission to the parking lot.
Be sure to disinfect your hands and fingers with alcohol before entering the greenhouse.
Installation of hand-washing area (installation of hand soap & disinfectant)
Installation of vinyl curtain at reception
Facility alcohol disinfection
Disinfection of scissors for rent, etc.
While picking strawberries, stay away from other customer and enjoy yourself.
The inside of the greenhouse is ventilated on a regular basis. (Be careful about your clothes in cold weather)
For hygiene reasons, please eat strawberries that you have touched once.
Please refrain from visiting the greenhouse if you are not feeling well or have a fever, cough or cold.

We are waiting for all the staff to take measures so that our customers can use it with peace of mind!

Click here to make a reservation for strawberry picking

As strawberry picking has a limited number of people, we recommend making reservation as early as possible.
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