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Charm of strawberry

Strawberries popular among a wide range of generations from children to adults, in addition to the sweet smell spreading in strawberry farms, is characterized by its pretty appearance. If you know the charm of strawberries, you should love it more. I will show you the charm of strawberries you want to know before you go to strawberry farm.

Is strawberry fruit or vegetable?

Strawberries with unique sweet scents are distributed as fruits all over the world, do you know that there is a view that they are actually vegetables? In general, there is a rule "Fruits are growing perennial and woody, while vegetables are growing annual." According to these definitions, strawberries are perennial vegetables of the family Rosaceae. If you speak as a strawberry knowledge, you will be able to get a surprising response.

Rich in vitamin C

Strawberries are small but have rich nutrition. The representative one is vitamin C. It contains more vitamin C than lemon juice and can take vitamin C necessary for 1 day with 7 to 10 strawberries. Although it strongly associates "beauty" when it is heard as vitamin C, in addition to beauty such as antioxidant effect and support of collagen generation, it has work such as prevention of colds and prevention of high blood pressure.

Not only vitamin C, nutritious strawberry

Besides vitamin C, strawberries contain various nutrition. For example, it is a dietary fiber with an intestinal action to prevent diarrhea and constipation. Dietary fiber supports the intestinal environment. It also contains a natural sweetener / xylitol that is also used for caries prevention gum. Although xylitol is as sweet as sugar, calories are about a quarter of sugar and it is a pleasing number for women. Besides, it contains potassium and minerals, so it is a recommended fruit for those who are conscious of beauty and health on a daily basis.

Do you not want to eat nutritious strawberries, picking them yourself?

If you are looking for a strawberry farm where you can pick strawberries in the Kansai area, please come to Grand Berry in Yao city, Osaka. GrandBerry's strawberry picking is all - you - can - eat for 30 minutes with reservation-only. (You can not enter without reservation)

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Contents of Strawberry

To make a reservation for strawberry picking please click here

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