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Recommended Topping

At Grand Berry, in addition to enjoying strawberry picking , direct sales of strawberries are also popular.
Here, when you enjoy eating strawberries at home, we introduce popular toppings and food combination.


Condensed milk is popular in strawberry with a toppings, but honey is also delicious. Because it is natural sweetness that exists naturally, is not it a recommended combination for people who care about beauty and health? It's not only eating with honey poured over it, but also when making jam using strawberries that are too ripe, please use honey as a material to add sweetness.


There are many people who sprinkle salt on the watermelon, but you can also enjoy a combination of strawberry and salt deliciously. Among the taste that humans can feel, sweetness and salty taste are said to be a combination that complement each other's taste more. Especially strawberries cultivated in GranBury are cultivar with less sour, so I think that it is a combination that you can eat strawberries deliciously better.

Balsamic vinegar

You might are surprised, but the combination of fruit and balsamic vinegar is a standard in Italian food. Since sweet and sourness different from strawberry is added, there are more people trying as a topping where is rich in taste. Balsamic vinegar is a vinegar derived from grapes, but it seems that some people feel that it is difficult to use as a recipe at Japanese-style home cooking. If you combine with the strawberry that GrandBerry sells directly, there are more recipes.

Alcoholic drinks

A combination of fruit and Alcoholic drinks is common in Europe. In particular, alcoholic drinks that is said to be compatible with strawberries is alcoholic drinks with a fresh aftertaste containing soda such as white sparkling wine and champagne. It is also recommended to combine with sake because the aftertaste is fresh. It is also recommended to combine with Japanese Sake because the aftertaste is fresh. There are also popular Japanese Sake breweries and drinking place in Kansai area centering on Osaka, so why not try it with Grandberry's strawberries.

Do you not want to eat nutritious strawberries, picking them yourself?

If you are looking for a strawberry farm where you can pick strawberries in the Kansai area, please come to Grand Berry in Yao city, Osaka. GrandBerry's strawberry picking is all - you - can - eat for 30 minutes with reservation-only. (You can not enter without reservation)

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