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The best timing

Strawberry hunting is the best way to eat a lot of delicious strawberries. Strawberry picking has attracted the hearts of many people with a system that allows you to eat all-you-can-eat strawberry within the time limit. If you enjoy strawberry picking, which you can't usually experience, we recommend that you know the best time for strawberry picking.

The season when you can pick strawberries

Strawberry picking season varies depending on the cultivar, but it is possible from December at the earliest. Some farms are open for strawberry picking in the Kansai area such as Osaka from early January to late May, and in cooler areas such as Hokuriku and Tohoku until late June. Also, in snowy and cold areas such as Hokkaido, the season for strawberry picking is only from mid-June to mid-July. At GrandBerry, you can enjoy strawberry picking from early December to late May. The opening period may change depending on the weather and strawberry growth, so please make a reservation after checking the website in advance.

The most delicious season

The most delicious season for strawberries is the cold season from January to February. Strawberries grow slowly and mature in the cold winter months. Strawberries grown over a long time store enough sugar and become very sweet. Also, due to the low temperature, the surface of the strawberry gets colder and the umami increases.

Suitable time for strawberry picking

It is said that crops such as fruits and vegetables should be harvested in the morning. For this reason, if you are picking strawberries, we recommend visiting in the morning. Also, in the early morning it is relatively empty time, and many strawberries remain. The early morning when there are few people and a lot of strawberries is the best time to pick strawberries.

Around Osaka

If you are looking for a farm where you can experience strawberry picking around Osaka, please use GrandBerry. GrandBerry's strawberry can feel sweet enough without the condensed milk, you can enjoy the original taste of strawberry.Strawberries can be picked easily while standing, so that people using wheelchairs and strollers, and elderly people can enjoy picking strawberries without difficulty.

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