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How to distinguish tasty strawberries

At GrandBerry, you can enjoy strawberry picking in Osaka. On this page, we will introduce you how to distinguish tasty strawberries that are frequently asked at the time of reservation.

Distinguish by strawberries hull

Strawberries hull that are Freshly or perfectly ripe are healthy warped. Also, the color of strawberries hull is fresh and lush. However, strawberries hull that are not freshly are wither. Strawberry's redness is degree of ripeness . Strawberries that turn red to the back of hull are evidence of ripe. During strawberry picking, please also watch strawberries hull. wither.

Distinguish by shape and size

Strawberries are not uncommon in Osaka's supermarket, but strawberries normally displayed at supermarkets are mostly uniform in size and shape. However, the ripe delicious strawberries are red as far as part of strawberries hull. Please look for strawberries especially cracked on the surface. This is a crack made because strawberry can not contain any more sugar, but strawberries with such cracks will not put in the market. Such strawberries are so precious that it can be tasted only by strawberry picking.

Distinguish by seeds

One of the characteristics of delicious strawberries is that the seeds on the surface are uniformly scattered. Actually, the red part that we think is the fruit of strawberry is part of the stem called "fake fruit", the surface seed is the real fruit part of strawberry. The fact that the seeds are scattered evenly means that nutrients are evenly distributed, so it means that there is little imbalance such as sugar. Also, strawberries that the surface seeds are likely to be buried and are lustrous are proof that they are growing well.

At GrandBerry, you can enjoy strawberry picking in a temperature-controlled facility, so you do not have to worry about the weather.

We are glad that as many customers as possible will eat strawberries of Grandberry. Please feel free to reserve GrandBerry when you think about creating fun memories of the trip in Kansai, not to mention people living in the Kansai area.

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